How to Grow Beans in Cotton

Growing bean plants in cotton is one of the easiest ways to observe and learn how a plant grows. This is why it's a very common experiment in schools. Whether you want to do this project with your child, or simply want a no-fuss way to start your own bean plants indoors, this DIY is perfect!

What you'll need

bean sprout in jar

What you'll do

  1. Place some Swisspers Cotton Balls into your container.
  2. Stick one bean seed onto a cotton ball close to the side of the container so you can observe the cool root system.
  3. Water your b ean until the cotton ball is damp, but not drenched.
  4. Place the container in the window and be patient!

bean sprout in jar

Within 4 days we saw that the bean started to sprout small roots and then began to grow steadily. When the bean reaches about 6-7 inches you can plant it in the ground (cotton and all).

bean sprout in jar

Tip: Make sure any danger of frost has passed before transplanting outdoors. Beans should be planted in a sunny location in soil that drains well.