5 ways you could be sabotaging your skin

Skin care is so important, you could think you're doing everything right but still find yourself with breakouts, dull skin or redness. We're going over 5 ways you could be hurting your skin and not even know it.

woman looking at skin

Losing sleep and drinking too much coffee to make up for it

We know that catching enough z's is super important for your overall well being, but not getting enough sleep can really wreak havoc on your skin too. Many people combat lack of sleep with drinking a lot of coffee. This may wake you up but coffee is dehydrating and the effects can really show on your face. If you drink too much, your skin can go from plump and dewy to dry and dull.

woman drinking coffee

Forgetting to clean your phone

We may not think to cleanse everyday items such as our phones, pillowcases or glasses on a regular basis, but these things could be contributing to breakouts. It's recommended to give these items a good wash at least once per week, the goal is to eliminate the amount of dirt and bacteria that comes into contact with your face.

woman on phone

Too much stress

Although it's impossible to eliminate all stress in your life, high levels can really take a toll on your body and your skin. It's important to practice self-care whenever you can, this doesn't mean you have to go to the spa every weekend, even throwing on a face mask and reading a good book can boost feel-good hormones.

stressed out woman

Forgetting to wash your face each night

This is obviously a big no-no, removing makeup and other impurities after each day is so important. It's recommended to first remove your makeup, then follow up with a gentle cleanser. If you're really short on time, at the very least, use a makeup wipe before hitting the sheets.

woman washing face

Your hair products are heavily scented

When you think about your skin, you probably don't think your hair products could contribute to breakouts, but they can. Perfumes in hair care products can cause irritation along the hairline and scalp, especially if they're not rinsed properly.

woman brushing hair