Best invention since foundation!

Blending Sponges

Latex-free and hypoallergenic these sponges can be used either damp or dry. Perfect for liquid and powder cosmetics

Silicone Blender

Will not absorb makeup, dirt and oil making it the most hygienic option for applying liquid cosmetics. Requires 1/3 the normal amount of cosmetic product compared to blending sponges.

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They can do it all

Blending Sponge Combo Pack

  • Contains 5 blending sponges that vary in shape and size. Making it perfect for any cosmetic application.

Blending Sponge

  • Designed for comfort and control our blending sponge is the perfect size for full face blending of foundation and concealer.

Body Blending Sponge

  • Made from the same great material as our other blending sponges. Our oversized body blending sponge won't leave streaks making it the perfect alternative to messy tanning mitts.

Mini Blending Sponge

  • These cute little sponges make the perfect tool for applying cosmetics around the eyes and other fine areas. 

Blending Sponge with Handle

  • Our blending sponge with handle is the no mess option that has all the control and comfort of using a classic brush.

Silicone Blender

  • Our silicone blenders won't absorb makeup, oil or dirt making them the hygienic alternative for applying cosmetics.

Powder Puff Blender Sponge

  • These Powder Puff Blending Sponges are ideal for powder and liquid makeup. This multi-surfaced sponge is perfect from start to finish.

Blending Finger Sponges

  • The unique tapered point on these sponges are perfect for precise application of powder and liquid makeup, and are a hygienic alternative to using bare fingers.