Easter Egg Painting

Easter is coming, which means lots of candy, crafting and fun activities-like decorating Easter eggs! Many of us have memories of painting or dyeing eggs. Keep the tradition alive while trying out new designs, colors or materials. While dipping and dyeing are reliable ways to end up with colorful eggs, we have a technique that will allow for less mess and more detail-win win!

Easter eggs

What you'll need:

Easter egg supplies

  1. Mix the white vinegar with food coloring in separate containers.
  2. Apply dye "paint" with cotton swabs
  3. Have fun creating mini masterpieces!

painting Easter eggs

painting Easter eggs

  • Allow your eggs to dry a bit before applying different colors.
  • Avoid touching colored areas as much as possible so they don't smudge.
  • If you try out this technique, make sure you take a picture and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram @swissperscotton